Gain some and lose some

Over the past years of my life I’ve been dealing with the never ending battle between me and my weight. During my high school years I went from in great shape to not so great to i’m losing control to finally not having a grip on it at all. It seemed like as long as i was in sports, everything was okay, but as soon as off season hit i would gain more and more. I’m out of High School and I’m starting to turn things in my life around. I’m going to make some big changes and i feel like i’m gonna gain and lose something things in my life.

I started my battle by creating a diet plan so I would be able to lose the extra pounds fast and easy. I plan to eat only 3000-2500 calories a day which I is split between my lunch and dinner. Most the time I don’t have time to eat breakfast so when lunch roles around i’m ready to eat a horse. So when i sit down to eat, i make sure to make up for the lost calories and make sure to fill myself up enough for both meals. When I get home I begin my routine of doing homework, watching tv, and when 6 o’clock hits i’m out the door to the gym for an hour or more.

At the gym I focus mainly on burning the fat and building muscle. I do this by mixing a lot of cardio with bench pressing, power cleans, squats, and more. Im not doing this all alone though; my parents were nice enough to get me my own personal trainer who is right there with me pushing me through everything. As we continue to workout my body begins to burn and i feel pain in places i never knew i could feel. After an hour of back breaking, heart racing, sweat dripping labor, my cloths are drenched and my body is crying for me to stop. I hit the showers and then head home for a big dinner and some well earned sleep.

I plan on making this routine a part of my daily routine and i plan of perfecting day by day. Along with my physical changes im also hoping to make some mental changes. I plan to make my mind sharper and making it easier for myself to deal with the everyday life i live. I want to be able to go through a week without a mandatory visit to the crew and a long night of junk food and video games. I will also learn to not be afraid to fail at anything I attempt at. My self esteem and self worth will shoot through the roof and i wont be able to be knocked down easy.

I really want to feel better about myself. I feel that by getting in shape I will feel better about myself. I know this will be hard but I’m willing to work for it. I want to be stronger, smarter, faster. I will be that and I start TODAY.

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nice guy

The saying nice people always finish last is probably the biggest lie I’ve heard this week. Everyone loves you and feel like they can tell you anything. You can have the captain of the football profess his love for you or find out that your science teacher is sleeping with that plastic Barbie looking girl with the bad attitude. Nice people know everyone, and they know EVERYTHING about anyone. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. People with the best smiles have the sharpest fangs.

I know this may seem like a complete fabrication but I have experienced this first hand while in high school. My freshmen year I was the big black kid with a great smile and infectious laugh. I was the guy who would give you the shirt off his back for you in a heart beat. Everyone loved Big Mike and I loved everyone. I was friends with every clique and would even talk it up with a few teachers. Everyone would come to me with their problems, secrets, or just the daily gossip and I would sort out what was fact or fiction.

After my freshmen year I was taken out of the public school and was put in a private Christian school and once I was the Big Mike and I was feelin the love. One day I was walking down the hall,”late” for bible, I turned the corner to see 3 new friends I had made at the school. Being some what of a prankster, I begun to slowly creep closer to them and as I got closer I began to hear that they were tearing some poor new kid. “He’s so ugly and did you hear about his GPA, he’s barely passing any of his classes; he told me that he ask Megan out last week and she shot him down, HA like that big dumb thing could ever get someone like her; yeah man Big Mike is a BAD PERSON” After hearing what was said about me I began to question what other people were saying about me. As the weeks went on realized more and more people were knowing more and more about me and I had never talked to them on those levels before. People started to abuse my good nature and after give my shirt to them, they would completely forget about what I had done for them. After a few months of this, my high school mind snapped and I slipped into a deep depression. Nothing was good, Nothing was happy, Nothing could make me feel better.

During Christmas break, while everyone was having parties and were with friends, I was at home in my room alone. One day there was a pounding on my door and in walk my two friends Sherrod and Travon. My mother had asked them for help to get me out of my current funk. That night we stayed up all night playing games, watching movies, fixing my broken psyche. That night was the night I a big change in my life and I couldn’t wait for school to start up again.

The rest of my year went by relatively fast and soon less and less people liked me and I could give a damn if you did or not. I learned that when you hurt a nice person who hasn’t don’t anything to you that you might want to make sure you haven’t told them anything important. That night with the guys taught me that people are assholes and that they can take advantage of a nice person. When a trusted person uses you and breaks your trust, CUT THEM OFF. Now I’m still perfecting the art of the cut off and I’ve learned how to use my niceness against certain people but I’m a long way from being perfect but I will let you know ahead of time, I’m a nice teddy bear…….with retractable claws that I will use if necessary.

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New “Unprecedented” Pokemon Game Apparently In Development, Possibly Pikachu-Related

My Nintendo News


Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of the Pokémon Company, will apparently showcase an unprecedented Pokemon game which apparently begun development this summer. The game is said to change Pikachu, and Ishihara is ultimately worried that this change will affect Pikachu’s popularity. Japanese fans have already begun speculating that the change may be Mega Pikachu. Speculation is also rife that the game in question will be compatible with Pokemon X & Y, and Pikachu’s change could be carried over to these games.

Thanks, Adam

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YUCK, What Did I Just Eat

On the day of my birth, owners of restaurants and eateries from far and wide gathered and watched as I was lifted into the air by the doctor. As he did this they cheered for now there was a child with an endless appetite and parents with deep pockets. Okay, it didn’t happen like that but the whole endless appetite thing is not a fictional statement. From the day I was brought home the hospital I would eat anything I could get my (so called) little hands on. I would dine on the things from mac and cheese to mud pies made by sinister sisters.

As I grew my appetite grew as well. I moved on from eating building blocks and Terra confections to eating only the finer things like SloppyJoes with grape jelly and donuts dipped in orange juice. I had become a scientist of food. I would grab anything and add it to my meals while my family watch in pure horror as I would mix my ice cream with a plethora of condiments but never forgetting the cherry on top. After a months of my many experiments I eventually learned that there were somethings that were just not meant to be put together. So one day I put down the fork and put away the marshmallows and put back the pizza and vowed not to try to make a science fair out of my meals.

Soon, after the phase was over, I started to become more and more picky about the food I was going to ingest. No more PB and Pickle sandwiches or even normal foods like plain old chicken (smothered in ketchup or BBQ). As the years went on I soon found myself limiting my tastes to pizza, burgers, any type of noodles, and sweets or all kinds. My mother soon noticed this and started to make my daily meals more and more exotic. After a few weeks, my mother soon created a meal so grotesque and stomach churning that it changed my stomach for forever.

It was another day just like any other. My mother was in the kitchen and there was a vast amount of smells, both enticing and repulsing floated though the house. After a few hours I heard my mothers voice calling and as I raced to the table making sure I got my seat. As I turned the corner my eyes were met by a plate full of some kind of fish, a squishy looking thing, and well I don’t even know the rest was. I really didn’t know what it was but as I turned to leave I heard the fatal words my mother had been using to control my family, “eat it all, or no ice cream” and I returned to the table a took my seat. The table was quiet. No one dared to take a bite of the monstrosity my mother had created in the kitchen. Each of us took turns making faces and waited for someone to take the first bite. I pushed the squishy object back and forth between my the edges of my plate. I did this for a few more minutes and raised my head to see all eyes on me. I knew what I had to do, I picked up my fork and closing my eyes shoveled the food gray glob into my mouth. I pushed the food around my mouth a few times back and forth. My eyes snapped open and my mouth soon transformed into a rancid and ,what felt, toxic waste land.

After swallowing the foreign food I turned to the rest of my family and smiled as I bolted to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, and almost making my gums bleed, I returned to the table to find out what my body had just ingested. the mystery food was (drum roll), tofu. That little glob that packed all of that horrible taste and smell was a little thing of tofu. I will never ever eat that food ever again.


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The island man


Sometimes at dusk we would see him come out from the hidden interiors of his island. For years we never knew who he was or what he did until the one night the crew and I decided to take the boat and investigate this mysterious island man.

As the sun set and the moon began to rise, we made our way to the boat making sure not wake the adults who would not approve of such a ludicrous scheme. With a few bumps we got the boat in the water and paddled towards the island. the boat swayed as wave after wave tossed our little boat as if we were just a child’s play thing. As we paddled closer and closer guided by the light of the moon, and cell phones, we soon saw the shore and after a few more strokes we ran aground. We each climbed out of the boats and fanned out along the shoreline looking for signs of life.

I watched as a crab quickly retreated to a hole on the far side of the beach; other than that the beach was a desolate wasteland. Each of us took turns giving each other looks of uneasiness. A few moments later we soon heard a sound that sent a shockwave of angst through each of our bodies. The noise made the sir shake. We stood there frozen in fear; sweat dripping.

The girls made a mad dash for the boat followed by us boys. After a few minutes went by we once again took turns jumping from the boat and slowly we inched our way towards the jungle. After we built up the courage, we decided to find the source of the noise. We push past vines and leaves and after ,what seemed like hours, I turned to find that I was alone. I searched frantically, I retraced my steps, “hello, where are you guys…..where”…. I felt the pain shoot through my head and everything turned to black.

I awoke once again on the beach. My head was throbbing and I felt a hot sticky liquid oozing from it. I looked around for my friends but they were now where to be found. My phone vibrated; I had a text. You should of left well enough alone.

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Doublade Revealed As Honedge’s Evolution In Pokemon X & Y

cant wait till this comes out

My Nintendo News

doublade_pokemon_x_yA new evolution for Pokémon X and Y has been revealed on the Pokémon Company’s Official Facebook fan page as reported yesterday. And although it’s not a mega evolution, it’s just as honed as the rest.  The evolved form of Honedge has surfaced on the social network and it’s named aptly – as they usually are – as Doublade. Honedge swaps its blue scarf for two pink scarves as Doublade and retains the ability No Guard. It’s 2 ft 7 and weighs in at 9.9 lbs. Here’s what the Pokémon Company said for its reveal:

“The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. Who’s planning to catch this sharp-looking Pokémon?”

Thanks to all those who sent this in.

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The Motto

A motto-A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal ( Everyone has one whether we think so or not. These days it seems like having a motto is necessary for us to be able to take on the world. Some are long and some are small and some are just right (that’s what she said). A motto usually comes to us when we get tired of doing the same old thing and want to start making changes and sometimes we have it since the day we were born. My motto was just something that I learned during high school and I’ve been applying it to my everyday life.

As I grew up, like most people, I was picked on. I was the super tall kid decked out with glasses, braces, and it didn’t help that I was the only black kid in the entire school. Walking down the hall I would hear people whispering, laughing, and some would have the courage to shout them at me, from behind my back or surrounded by friends that I desperately wanted. As the years dragged on, I continued to grow and soon as high school hit my life took a complete 360. When the first day of freshmen year came I walked into school a new person.

Right off the bat the things that I was made fun off soon made me one of the coolest kids. My size, that was the bases for my ridicule during the previous years, soon made me starter on the varsity football team which meant instant fame. My braces came off giving me a smile that I loved to show and helped me snag a few girls here and there. Even thought I was still the only black kid, instead of being looked at like a freak I soon was embraced for it and was treated like the coolest kid in school. I let all of this go to my head and I soon turned into a bully like those who used to tease me way back when.

As soon as my rein began I soon was sent to a new school where once again I was picked on and if I tried to use my size or other talents I would find myself in the principles office. after months of this I soon was reminded that I had turned into a complete hypocrite. That day I decided that that I was done and I would change me life for the better. My motto is, “tell the truth, the complete truth, don’t judge people from what they have done (unless they are or have done something against the law), give people a chance to explain, trust me and I’ll trust you but if you break my trust, your cut off……PERIOD”.

I know it’s long and to some people stupid but it’s mine and I don’t care what you think. It’s working for me and it’s making me a better person day by day. It’s My motto. It’s my Life. It’s mine.

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