Grandparents Day

Hey GiGi and Nani, it’s been awhile and I haven’t talked to you in awhile. Last time I saw you I was a sophomore in high school. Well I’m in college now and I’m doing great. It’s just for my gen-eds but yeah its something. My favorite class so far is probably math; I’m really good at it now and I think I’m the best in the class.

Second favorite is probably English because my professor is really cool. She has a write a lot which I don’t mind because I like it, except the whole MLA format thingy it’s so stupid. Third is bio and then Soc because that class is 3 hours. I’m still living at home with mom and dad and everyone else. I got a new puppy her name is belle; she’s a silver lab. She’s been hell though because she’s got so much energy and it we don’t have the time to run her and get rid of it all.

I’ve been making a lot of friends through school, old friends and a social media apps called instagram and kik. IG or instagram is where you post pics (pictures) with different filters and people like them and comment. Kik is just a instant messenger thing I use to talk to people so they don’t have my real number and can’t find me. I know it sounds crazy but yeah this is what people do know a days; it’s 2013 and technology is everything. I really like these apps and the friendships I’ve made are real and things are great and I couldn’t be happier.

Remember when I told you that I’m taking only taking gen-eds, well my plan is to go to Texas or maybe even Chicago to finish my schooling. Texas seems like it would be a lot of fun and I know some people down there already. One guy I met is named Jeff and we are practically twins. We talk everyday and I feel like even though we’re a thousand miles away from each other we will be great friends. If I choose to go to Chicago I would be just as happy. I guess all I’m trying to do is have a fresh start some where no one knows who I am and I get a chance to create a new me.

I really need a fresh start after what happened this year and I can’t wait to have it. Well that’s all that happened to me this year that I really want to write about. I miss you both so much and I want to visit soon. I’m planning to take a trip some where and maybe me and my friends could stop by and stay for a few days then be on our way. I’m sorry I haven’t talk to your such a long time, I’ve just been really busy being a young adult I guess. I promise I’ll talk you more but for now I’m going to call it quits.

I love you,


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