The Motto

A motto-A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal ( Everyone has one whether we think so or not. These days it seems like having a motto is necessary for us to be able to take on the world. Some are long and some are small and some are just right (that’s what she said). A motto usually comes to us when we get tired of doing the same old thing and want to start making changes and sometimes we have it since the day we were born. My motto was just something that I learned during high school and I’ve been applying it to my everyday life.

As I grew up, like most people, I was picked on. I was the super tall kid decked out with glasses, braces, and it didn’t help that I was the only black kid in the entire school. Walking down the hall I would hear people whispering, laughing, and some would have the courage to shout them at me, from behind my back or surrounded by friends that I desperately wanted. As the years dragged on, I continued to grow and soon as high school hit my life took a complete 360. When the first day of freshmen year came I walked into school a new person.

Right off the bat the things that I was made fun off soon made me one of the coolest kids. My size, that was the bases for my ridicule during the previous years, soon made me starter on the varsity football team which meant instant fame. My braces came off giving me a smile that I loved to show and helped me snag a few girls here and there. Even thought I was still the only black kid, instead of being looked at like a freak I soon was embraced for it and was treated like the coolest kid in school. I let all of this go to my head and I soon turned into a bully like those who used to tease me way back when.

As soon as my rein began I soon was sent to a new school where once again I was picked on and if I tried to use my size or other talents I would find myself in the principles office. after months of this I soon was reminded that I had turned into a complete hypocrite. That day I decided that that I was done and I would change me life for the better. My motto is, “tell the truth, the complete truth, don’t judge people from what they have done (unless they are or have done something against the law), give people a chance to explain, trust me and I’ll trust you but if you break my trust, your cut off……PERIOD”.

I know it’s long and to some people stupid but it’s mine and I don’t care what you think. It’s working for me and it’s making me a better person day by day. It’s My motto. It’s my Life. It’s mine.

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