The island man


Sometimes at dusk we would see him come out from the hidden interiors of his island. For years we never knew who he was or what he did until the one night the crew and I decided to take the boat and investigate this mysterious island man.

As the sun set and the moon began to rise, we made our way to the boat making sure not wake the adults who would not approve of such a ludicrous scheme. With a few bumps we got the boat in the water and paddled towards the island. the boat swayed as wave after wave tossed our little boat as if we were just a child’s play thing. As we paddled closer and closer guided by the light of the moon, and cell phones, we soon saw the shore and after a few more strokes we ran aground. We each climbed out of the boats and fanned out along the shoreline looking for signs of life.

I watched as a crab quickly retreated to a hole on the far side of the beach; other than that the beach was a desolate wasteland. Each of us took turns giving each other looks of uneasiness. A few moments later we soon heard a sound that sent a shockwave of angst through each of our bodies. The noise made the sir shake. We stood there frozen in fear; sweat dripping.

The girls made a mad dash for the boat followed by us boys. After a few minutes went by we once again took turns jumping from the boat and slowly we inched our way towards the jungle. After we built up the courage, we decided to find the source of the noise. We push past vines and leaves and after ,what seemed like hours, I turned to find that I was alone. I searched frantically, I retraced my steps, “hello, where are you guys…..where”…. I felt the pain shoot through my head and everything turned to black.

I awoke once again on the beach. My head was throbbing and I felt a hot sticky liquid oozing from it. I looked around for my friends but they were now where to be found. My phone vibrated; I had a text. You should of left well enough alone.

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