nice guy

The saying nice people always finish last is probably the biggest lie I’ve heard this week. Everyone loves you and feel like they can tell you anything. You can have the captain of the football profess his love for you or find out that your science teacher is sleeping with that plastic Barbie looking girl with the bad attitude. Nice people know everyone, and they know EVERYTHING about anyone. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. People with the best smiles have the sharpest fangs.

I know this may seem like a complete fabrication but I have experienced this first hand while in high school. My freshmen year I was the big black kid with a great smile and infectious laugh. I was the guy who would give you the shirt off his back for you in a heart beat. Everyone loved Big Mike and I loved everyone. I was friends with every clique and would even talk it up with a few teachers. Everyone would come to me with their problems, secrets, or just the daily gossip and I would sort out what was fact or fiction.

After my freshmen year I was taken out of the public school and was put in a private Christian school and once I was the Big Mike and I was feelin the love. One day I was walking down the hall,”late” for bible, I turned the corner to see 3 new friends I had made at the school. Being some what of a prankster, I begun to slowly creep closer to them and as I got closer I began to hear that they were tearing some poor new kid. “He’s so ugly and did you hear about his GPA, he’s barely passing any of his classes; he told me that he ask Megan out last week and she shot him down, HA like that big dumb thing could ever get someone like her; yeah man Big Mike is a BAD PERSON” After hearing what was said about me I began to question what other people were saying about me. As the weeks went on realized more and more people were knowing more and more about me and I had never talked to them on those levels before. People started to abuse my good nature and after give my shirt to them, they would completely forget about what I had done for them. After a few months of this, my high school mind snapped and I slipped into a deep depression. Nothing was good, Nothing was happy, Nothing could make me feel better.

During Christmas break, while everyone was having parties and were with friends, I was at home in my room alone. One day there was a pounding on my door and in walk my two friends Sherrod and Travon. My mother had asked them for help to get me out of my current funk. That night we stayed up all night playing games, watching movies, fixing my broken psyche. That night was the night I a big change in my life and I couldn’t wait for school to start up again.

The rest of my year went by relatively fast and soon less and less people liked me and I could give a damn if you did or not. I learned that when you hurt a nice person who hasn’t don’t anything to you that you might want to make sure you haven’t told them anything important. That night with the guys taught me that people are assholes and that they can take advantage of a nice person. When a trusted person uses you and breaks your trust, CUT THEM OFF. Now I’m still perfecting the art of the cut off and I’ve learned how to use my niceness against certain people but I’m a long way from being perfect but I will let you know ahead of time, I’m a nice teddy bear…….with retractable claws that I will use if necessary.

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