Gain some and lose some

Over the past years of my life I’ve been dealing with the never ending battle between me and my weight. During my high school years I went from in great shape to not so great to i’m losing control to finally not having a grip on it at all. It seemed like as long as i was in sports, everything was okay, but as soon as off season hit i would gain more and more. I’m out of High School and I’m starting to turn things in my life around. I’m going to make some big changes and i feel like i’m gonna gain and lose something things in my life.

I started my battle by creating a diet plan so I would be able to lose the extra pounds fast and easy. I plan to eat only 3000-2500 calories a day which I is split between my lunch and dinner. Most the time I don’t have time to eat breakfast so when lunch roles around i’m ready to eat a horse. So when i sit down to eat, i make sure to make up for the lost calories and make sure to fill myself up enough for both meals. When I get home I begin my routine of doing homework, watching tv, and when 6 o’clock hits i’m out the door to the gym for an hour or more.

At the gym I focus mainly on burning the fat and building muscle. I do this by mixing a lot of cardio with bench pressing, power cleans, squats, and more. Im not doing this all alone though; my parents were nice enough to get me my own personal trainer who is right there with me pushing me through everything. As we continue to workout my body begins to burn and i feel pain in places i never knew i could feel. After an hour of back breaking, heart racing, sweat dripping labor, my cloths are drenched and my body is crying for me to stop. I hit the showers and then head home for a big dinner and some well earned sleep.

I plan on making this routine a part of my daily routine and i plan of perfecting day by day. Along with my physical changes im also hoping to make some mental changes. I plan to make my mind sharper and making it easier for myself to deal with the everyday life i live. I want to be able to go through a week without a mandatory visit to the crew and a long night of junk food and video games. I will also learn to not be afraid to fail at anything I attempt at. My self esteem and self worth will shoot through the roof and i wont be able to be knocked down easy.

I really want to feel better about myself. I feel that by getting in shape I will feel better about myself. I know this will be hard but I’m willing to work for it. I want to be stronger, smarter, faster. I will be that and I start TODAY.

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